is about getting the shots other cameras aren't focused on. My two favorite hobbies are photography and sports. I started photographing sports in the late 1970's. I joined the digital world when my step-children started playing high school sports. At that time many parents asked me to take pictures of their  sons and daughters, including cheer and band photos. Unless a family member or friend takes pictures for them, many students never get a camera pointed in their direction.


With I wanted to change all of that and get as many different students in the pictures as possible. I don't sell the photographs, but provide them to you absolutely FREE. Download the JPEGs and print as many pictures as you want.  That is what is all about. I hope you enjoy!

Photo Policies

I will NEVER intentionally post an embarrassing picture of you! However, that does not include if you get POSTERIZED. If you get dunked on, run over, or pinned... That's on you, not me.

I post a lot of "Clunkers" (my word).  A picture not in sharp focus, a little blurry, or sometimes just a really bad picture. When I first started taking sports pictures I had A LOT of clunkers. But, sometimes I was happy to have a blurry picture rather than no picture at all.

If I take a picture of you and you can't find it... It was probably a really bad picture and you should thank me for not posting it.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory. - Dr. Seuss

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